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Age Of Heroes Online
Age of Heroes Online is a mobile multiuser Java game following the traditions of such iconic projects as Heroes of Might and Magic and Kings Bounty. Player controls a hero who commands the whole army consisting of different creatures. All creatures have their own characteristics and skills, they can be bought and sold. Battles in game run in turn-based mode on the separate battle maps, army against army. Players can fight both with different monsters and other players gaining in such a way glory and sometimes – gather objects that drop from enemies.

Download game client:



To install it is enough to have .jar file, however, if necessary you can download .jad too.

Official game site: http://aoho.qplaze.com/home.php/en/

To enter browser game version you just need to go to official site and select menu item “Play from Computer”.

Official game forum: http://aoho.qplaze.com/forum_en/index.php

Livejournal: http://aoho.livejournal.com/

Facebook (group): http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=log...8274450378

Facebook (app): http://apps.facebook.com/aoho-game/?_fb_...aca436e313

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