Teljes verzió: Speed Junkie : The Underground Elite
Jelenleg könnyített verzióban tekinted meg a fórumot. Megtekintés teljes verzióban teljes formázással és grafikai elemekkel.
[background=rgb(29, 30, 31)]Hi just wanted to announce the startup of a new street racing game ! It's going to be based on the NFS underground series . It's going to be awesome it will have everything that EA didn't give us and that is lots and lots of tuning . The project sounds very promising and has lots of potential . I'd even call it underground 3 but its more then that because its gonna have cops and offroad racing . Help spread the word about the game please . I would really love to see an Underground title in see the light of day . In my opinion criterion messed up big time whit the new most wanted and i don't think they are going to make an underground title any time soon so help us make this happen ! Spread the word about Speed Junkie ! New ideas and suggestions are welcome just pm me! [/background][url="http://www.indiegogo.com/SpeedJunkie"]http://www.indiegogo.com/SpeedJunkie[/url][background=rgb(29, 30, 31)]here is the link to the project[/background]