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Lineage ][ Elemental [Interlude 70X Off]
Hello to all you Lineage 2 Players, we're proud to announce our very new project L2 Elemental, which is a L2OFF private Interlude Server, with many known basic features working but also many new features, like a self created PvP and Battleground System for all the pvp lovers, you can read more about them on our page. Also Olympiad, Sieges, Epic Bosses and all the other things are working fluently. Since our Staff Team consists of people that used to play L2 on private servers, we know that staying in contact with our community is one of the most important things to run a successful server, we will be listening to suggestions and oppinions for the most of the time.

The Server is still in development and will seemingly go into open beta on 28th july.

Exp: 70x

Adena Rate: 150x

SP: 150x

Weapon enchant rate: 40%

Armor enchant rate: 30%

Safe enchant: +3

No Item donations of any kind will be available.

So come check us out at www.l2elemental.net for more info, you can also join us on irc: #l2elemental at irc.deltaanime.net

Greetings, L2 Elemental Staff Team

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