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Forge of empires account eladó 300m+ ponttal
- Brisgard
- Űrkorszak - Mars
- 14.000 gyémánt
- 15mrd pénz
- napi ~1200 fp
- 300m+ pont
- 65e nyert csata
- főbb nevezetesek 100-as szintig húzva, bárka 120-as
Érdeklődnék hogy menyibe kerül az account.?
I'd suggest piety whenever you can. You can get dragon bones cheap right now Also, check the cost of infernal ashes. They're typically a bit less expensive. Banking the any dragon bones you find and putting urns in tasks for demons, as well as investing penguin points, effigy lamps and Troll invasion rewards in prayer can increase your level a bit.

It's from a he. He demonstrated it to me.. So it's not a lie. And he's 88cb now (same like mine).. If he could have made it before it was even lvl88cb this is proof that i cud do it easily. I'll join him the next time he connects.. I'd like to train str to about 75-80. Maybe even up to 70 afterwards. While training isn't always easy mostly because i spend about 2 hours a day online...

The best way to go is to kill 300 chickens each day and then bury their carcasses over 30 years in order to get maxed combat + maxed prayer. But i'm not waiting until the end of my 40s to go for bandsos. I do get from 3hrs to 6 hours of rstime during holidays (except Sundays, which is when I get 2 and a half hours online.) But , I don't get them often as even saturdays are working day for me.

The last 4 days were vacations when I got 4hrs, 3hrs, 2.5hrs and 6hrs, respectively. Total of 15 and a half hours online. I spent the first day simply playing for fun. I powertrained the last 3 days with slayer. I changed from 65 to 70 atk and between 25 and 45 with slayer.

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